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About Lirik Lagu

Lirik Lagu was started at the end of April 2011 and relaunched in the mid of March 2016. As a new kind of music site which aims to document the song lyrics. Feel free to join with us and help us to grow. If you see there no any lyrics updates, feel free to hit me up on Facebook or Twitter and we’ll update as soon as possible.

We transcribe brand new lyrics for the benefit of music fans so they can better understand the Song Lyrics. We have immense respect for the artists and song writers who spill their emotions out on paper and express themselves in a creative way for our enjoyment. We would appreciate a link back if you use lyrics that we spent time to transcribe.

Artists put themselves out there to gain big rewards and therefore expect some criticism along the the way.

“To avoid criticism do nothing, say nothing, be nothing.”
Elbert Hubbard, US author (1856 – 1915)

Feel free to contact us @ admin [@] lirik.opobro.com

Warm Regards,
Amber C Liu
Amber C Liu