Growing Apart Lyrics

Azad Right Growing Apart Lyrics
(Ft. Jhene Aiko & AHE)

[Hook : Jhene Aiko]
Where are we going?
Why always slowing, down
Where are you going?
We should be growing, now

[Intro : Azad Right]
Ugh, Are we really still in love
This is something that I ask every day
If a more successful man hitch you up,
I wanna know what you would say

[Hook : Jhene Aiko]
Where are we going?
We should be slowing, down
Where are you going?
We should be growing, now

[Verse 1 : Azad Right]
I wake up with you on my mind
A question in myself like are you really even mine
And how I can be sure the skinny so ??
Your body is a crime, where I was blind but I still feel the same
I still feel the pain from the week that you were gone
And couple week and month but I trusted and believed
I emailed you twice and you said you didn’t receive it
I wanna know the truth
Tell me what you would do, if I ask you to show my proof
Would you try to flip the script
Bringing enough hoes but I ain’t give them my d!ck
I never give ‘em my thoughts they will never on my mind
Most importantly I never give ‘em time
Give you my heart but if you ain’t gonna keep it
I rather freeze it then have to go and smash it into pieces
I rather turn cold than burn slow like my revers
I know we both hesitate about this getting deeper
But tell me, how could a couple last when the trouble is
Wait we don’t have tired about the loves there
Just close it and burn, it’s so f-ckin rare
I know we really got something here

[Hook : Jhene Aiko]
Where are we going?
Why always slowing, down
Where are you going?
We should be growing, now

[Verse 2 : AHE]
Look, I throw my heart you away got in the false
Hit the ground like the glass echoes on the wall
In this empty house you turned into a home when you moved on
And now I’m going cause since you’ve gone
I ain’t complaining, understanding and explaining
Our relationship was ?? put your faith in
You said I was the world and now I am trying to show you
that earth ain’t really shit without suffers to go around
Blink twice and the feeling won’t desert me, throw back and try find you when is spit ??
The wild turkey and it .. nothing at my ease and another atom
Stomach start the …I never beg for you to come back
I shouldn’t have to I thought you was on my mind keep reversing …
How many you color a plan with you a color deep
Looking through this … at the window with the sky
Wondering if you are thinking about them us color times

[Outro : Jhene Aiko]
Can this last?
How to get right through my vision so glory
Try to slow it down
Still close to the ground we were always in a hurry, now
And if I could make this world spin a little slower
Then I would, then we could grow a little closer
Think we’re getting closer
Think we’re getting closer

Azad Right – Growing Apart Lyrics

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