Tim Westwood Freestyle Lyrics

Big Sean – Tim Westwood Freestyle Lyrics

Westwood we going in right?
Yo lets go in kid baby we handalin ours one extra big sean
Lets do it kid!

[Verse 1]
Yeah, I say I say
Im the trending topic , Im fresh from the tropics
Have first class so first class any closer I be cockpit
I have girls fighting girls over me look like moshpits
I’m a grade A im doctorate I got this I’m hot shit
Man fuck red eye flights in and out of rome the only time
You seen red eye is standing at the stove
Ye said ima be the best while we was standing next to hov
Now everybody screaming big like they was staring at a ghost
I feel like every rapper named big had it but they had to die first
So in my 23 year im just tryna break the curse
Playin one on one With the reaper loser gets hearse
With a crooked referee so I gotta get my money Straight first
Now your girlfriend is on my croucha
Now im in her chacha
Im in her la coocha nacha
Pass her to my partna now its a pinata
Fucking with me on my I dont care time 30 bottles splashing you can tell I just got drafted
Me and westwood passing pussy im just calling that an ass-ist
Hahaha now she wanna join the team but I tell her there is not point cus you will never get a ring
I wish I could build a cabin around fucking mountains
While me and my niggas a one way ticket to success man fuck a round trip
I swear to god im addicted to the liquor that a drown in
Girls that im night gowning rolling for quarters no time outting
Whoa dere dont do there she riding my below there like a chauffeur
And I can’t tell you where I am I swear that I am everything but sober
Pictures tell a thousand words and every camera snapping
So I look at the blogs tomorrow and they can tell me what happened
I swear im MVPing VIPizzle
And nobody fucking with BIGizzle
I do it yeah I do it you knowing im rapping but they all knew it
Who the best im the truest
Look at my ring yeah the shit the bluest

[Verse 2]
Yeah bitch I’ma boss
Finally famous over everything
Now I decided I wanted to be a g for a living
And do this til I die getting paid everyday
Keep my dick up to the sky
I got panties to the floor bitch keep me high
Sorry that you couldn’t be here swear you truely missing out uh..
Young g at the tip top
Niggas hating bad bitches wanna liplock
I could show you the ropes got the game in a slipknot
Countin 20 thousands and I blew it on a wristwatch
Oh thats your girl
Bitch I just slipped out
Caught her tryna kick ass around and got kicked out
Then I got back to the money back to the money back to the money
Like my mattress full of money
And ima burn it all
Matches to the money
Reminiscing with the niggas had his last bit of nothing
Bitch im grinding everyday im never going broke
Understand bitch im never going broke
I hustle everyday man ima die rich
And if you ain’t dieing with the team you can fucking die bitch
Yeah I do it I do it

[Verse 3]
I say I say I say I say I say I say aye
I got the I got the
Best weed leaking out my lungs
Gotta her doing down no teeth call it speaking tounges
Do it
Now you speaking my language
From where they twist and talk with they fingers
Man but this ain’t no sign language
Yes im fresh up out them ashes
Detroit classics
Eminem got them masses
Tritrit got them passes
For that motor motor yeah that motor be the fastest
Swear they call it motor city cus you most likely to crash bitch
Good thing I gotta chauffeur
Going broke
No sir hell yeah im the rap game stylist
Cause I gave the rap game style bitch
She wobble she right on my throttle I can tell you where I am I might even buy her a bottle
Girl I call you my baby
You know I got you stacking my paper I swear it look like a novel man what

Man what westwood we goin’ in right?
Man you are handling yours right now baby, one extra
Just a little, just a little something man thats about all man I done did 20 interviews already today man we freeslylin’
We gettin’it in man I got the rest for you when I come back you know how real G’s do man detroit player all day pimp I do it, I do it

Big Sean – Tim Westwood Freestyle Lyrics

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