Da Art Of Story Telling Lyrics

Bow Wow – Da Art Of Story Telling Lyrics

Errday approaching so much on my mind
I cannot stop smoking she talked get a bigger she is walking now
Discover seven figures job she is … now
I see how these niggers are falling off used to be hot
Now they are cool let their mouth .. I just lost a friend she was good to me
Best friends in junior high like a .. movie good girl just what it meant to be
I know how life is everything how it seen I had to warn them .. on my ass
I had to cut .. behind a thousand cash he did that for a .. fuck it I am too cool for a cell
Thinking about taking a trip where my baby momma at least I can do I put her
Through a lot of drama she will be home on my seat while the nigger .. try to get on my change

And taking care of mom is a must do there is nobody legging like your sun duce
Before 14 I put the mice down I make money go to some money and live my life now
And all my haters they can pipe down I got a mine two piece like chris Charles
I am too grown for .. relationships .. snack back is my everyday shit
.. my everyday kiss you are fucking with a ..regular shit
Kids dying everyday .. my young people .. real issues .. face this shit
Will erase it is the og .. new generation been hot from .. mother fucker I do this shit
Fuck with me

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