Not A Day Goes By Lyrics

Brother Ali – Not A Day Goes By Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Alright 6 A.M., let’s see what’s up
Not a, not a, not a damn day goes by
Somebody’s hands ain’t waving high inside a grey sky
They chant my name, fly: A-L-I I’m they guy
They put me on their back and carry me when I can’t fly
Then put me in this skin, tattooed it with a pen
Lifted me in the wind to where I never would’ve been
I held a window open to my soul and snuck and ‘em in
They loved me like a trusted friend ‘til I come again
I’m in the city, puttin’ fan before fame
With a cannonball and chain
Spitting aerosol flames — dope
Such a paradox, strange
I’m prepared to cause change
But can I say that I’m all sane— no
They told me that the top’s kinda lonely
So I stopped climbing for, thought y’all might wanna hold me— hey
Turns out I already got a category, with a slot all to my lonely
God been guardin’ this spot just for me, babe

[Verse 2]
When the motherfuckin’ beat comin’ back again
I can breathe real deep, get a second wind
Don’t hate what a veteran already did
But I’m just tryin’ to peep what the lesson is
And the message is you will never get
More or less than the sweat and tears you invest in it
‘least you sit and rest a bit, them all best you give
And the best deception is that success is effortless
Trust me though it never is, let me give that more emphasis
Get up off your ass, go do some work
Ain’t no reward without movement first
If you not really tryin’ to prove your worth
Quit suckin’ life out the universe

[Verse 3]
Motherfuckers want something for free
Its never gonna be, not from me
This here lane is my property
And it’s all Ali, monopoly
And obviously, I believe in charity and modesty
But, everything my half blind eyes can see
By decree belongs to me!
I don’t even rap like, I’m sorry yall heard me snap like that
Let me just (breath) take a deep breath and get myself right back on track
I love you guys, I just want yall to see the truth about it
If you don’t love yourself ain’t nothing I can do about it!
This game polluted, crowded/ human garbage oozing out it
Bunch of dudes in a stupid outfit
Trying to call their group a movement—stop it
Old school dudes who ain’t poppin
Hate to see your venue get crowded
Ain’t my fault that you ain’t inspired
No, you wanna see who can boo the loudest
But then there’s so much amazingness that I can resist it
Its not that ain’t nobody making it, but they ain’t listening
At age 6 I grabbed a brush and started painting pictures
Grabbed the mic and looked at God and said “ok hit it!”

Brother Ali Not A Day Goes By Lyrics

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