Aunts N Uncles Lyrics

Chevy Woods – Aunts N Uncles Lyrics
(Ft. Wiz Khalifa)

I know I did some things thats wrong
But still you gots to love me
So tell them haters they can keep on hating on
Cause I know they gots to love me

[Chevy Woods]
I got my carry on and ticket, my plane number
735 doin a hundred, getting weeded while I drive
Bet your bitch be trying to kick it
Thats word from my homie
Get a shovel if you dig it
I show her mister perfect, just to hit it over dinner
She fucking with them vets see them rings and we winners
They rookies over there, you say you dont fuck with beginners
You see, all these diamonds got you thinking of winter
And thats cold, game for you, let me roll a plane for you
No room for your drive, how I hug the lane on you
With no motorcycle, just my taylor guys
They smiling in our face, but hate it all inside
We just keep it cool and throw some pimping on
And ride to some shit we did last night uh
So cool, so fly, so taylor, am I?
Im high why ask or die


[Wiz Khalifa]
Uh, tell ‘em all, fuck ‘em all
I miss some shit I dont know how much it costs
In the game, playing hard
Them haters just trying to catch one of my bars
Not only selling out tours
I be shutting down malls
My iPhone is full of important calls
Soon as I get on a song, I turn the booth to a star
And start shitting on niggas properly getting them figures
Got so much gin in my liver, doctors say I need a break
Im rolling lots of weed and dropping cheese on real estate
These niggas always say they real, but they ain’t real they fake
And I ain’t never gave a fuck about they feelings
I just say tell ‘em all, fuck ‘em all
These niggas lame they dont get no trust at all
In the game, playing hard
When niggas send some shots your way you won’t duck em all, yeah


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