Head Over Hills Lyrics

Chevy Woods – Head Over Hills Lyrics

What more can you want from me?
When you tell me I’m all you need
So far from you its hard to be

[Verse 1 Chevy Woods]
Tempation for ya no five singers
I ain’t lyin, shit you talking to a pride leader
Come holla Im tryna slide diva
My pockets stuffed thats my bread thats my pita
Grown man shit ridin stocked rims
Let me get the key to ya, never lock you in
I had money before yeah I was poppin’ then
Now we blowin’ up, red carpet showin’ up,
Dressed better than anybody so that they know its us
So play ya cards right girl I got a deal for you
You can eat too, I’m just settin’ up the meal for you
Countin’ all this money up tell me how it feels

I’m giving you all of me
What more can you want from me
When you tell me I’m all you need
So far from you its hard to see
Cuz im head over hills for you
Said I’m head over hills for you
What the hell am i sposed to do
When Im head over hills for you

[Verse 2 Chevy Woods]
You see I’m in that fast lane
Whippin’ my car gettin’ that fast chain
Girl look at them niggas they ain’t all the same
So quick to crossover I call them Hardaway
Been stackin it up and i made it all today
Somewhere cruisin’ the city im playin’ Marvin Gaye
If you chillin’ with me then you a star today
No corporate company jump in my car obey
Don’t push no buttons
What you tryna do girl start somethin’
I pop champagne then pop her bra
She a champagne top im tryna pop it off


[Verse 3 Wiz Khalifa]
Have it all
I swear you could have it all
And I’m there when you need me
Don’t even have to call
Next years’ fashion you rock it in the fall
Say whats the use of shoppin’ babe when you can have the stars
And i promise ima give it to you, all of my love
Ain’t no limit for you cuz lifes a dream just glad I get to live it witchu, don’t even have to be gone I still miss you
That’s how you know that I was made for you
Flyer than a mugg but I’ll go down in flames for you
And I swear that my heart beat only plays for you

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