FDB (Remix) Lyrics

Jermaine Dupri – FDB (Remix) Lyrics

Every thing that count, it been done
My true game in my shoot game
Can’t touch this shit, at least, they got before me
Now forty bitch, forty bitch, forty bitch, forty bitch, forty bitch
Cutting it out with a lice in, fuck up that’ so nice in
Making a new nigga , sick for you the bitch probably here, she calling me for dick act
I don’t hesitate; I get to her, pint no shit I get to her
Kicking, stop grabbing my hair, shut up, gete dick like a big girl
You took my same round, one kicking and nothing came out

When you ‘aitn around but when you come around you wanna hang out
All this nigga stay posed, I don’t talk I show you
Pull it to the show with some ‘
Fuck driving I stay with the ‘
Had the shit, I am so clean
Got a bitch that it’s so mean
When I see pie, I never let her be

Where you from?
That nigga told me about that shit I’ve been done
My bitch came, my wipe game
Nigga cant’ touch that shit ‘
If I had never see somebody with my click then go for that bitch
For that bitch, for that bicth, for that bitch, for that bitch

Many lose like twenty ‘
You said you’ll be there before the ‘
This wears you skirt’
Down nigga so away and bitch it’s so great
I pull up in the grace, yeah nigga ‘aint too clean

Young nigga I sapper
For that bitch I do that shit I might need a rubber

Get holy’
Every thing ‘it been done
My true game in my shoo game
You can’t touch it
Bitch might come for me
Not for that bitch
For that bitch, for that bicth, for that bitch, for that bitch

Jermaine Dupri – FDB (Remix) Lyrics

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