Pink Limo Ride Lyrics

Kate Nash – Pink Limo Ride Lyrics

Sometimes, sometimes it’s hard to keep your head up
Yeah you’ve been hurt before
You lost your faith in humanity
And it’s taken its turn,
Don’t know how long for

Mika, you never give up
Even though you’ve been truly f*cked
Oh yeah you got beaten you
You’re black and blue
It isn’t fair, it isn’t true
There’s really noting I can do, except tell you that I love you

Mika, I’ll never give up
You saved the day, you’re on your way
You’re bleeding
I’ll open once again to see the beauty in this world
I’ll stamp out all the hatred that I can
Just about being your girl

Mika, I’ll never give up
I’ll bring you pizza every day
I’ll bake you cakes cause you can’t bake
I’ll bring you flowers and pouring rain
If it will help you smile again

That faithful night may have changed your life
The came down hurt on you
When you felt the force, but now you must look to the light
And find the strength to keep on
And fight the good fight

Mika, you are so cute
Even tho you can be pretty gross
Yeah I really love you somehow
You are so sweet
Even when you’re acting crazy,
Even when you leave hand prints in Vaseline
Mika, you deserve the best
You’ll get to the top, fulfill your goals
Be … screw the rest
We’ll fight the prejudice,
This bull-sh*t I contest
Just take a f*cking fabulous drive
In a ṗink limo ride
Ride, ride, ride, ride
Ride, ride, ride, ride

Kate Nash – Pink Limo Ride Lyrics

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