Give And Take Lyrics

Kembe X – Give And Take Lyrics

(Ft. Chance The Rapper)

[Verse 1]
Sometimes I lay flat and stare at the fuckin ceiling
Beg myself to trust religion
Though nothings simple as sinnin
When alone in my room
, I transcribe my anti’s
Tried battlin my damn pride and lost by a landslide
Excuse the height of my pants, I
Hate to offend
Pretendin to give a fuck, while establishin where I stand
My guy.. push bars and grams, it’s just supply and demand
Fuck drugs
I stay regrettin gettin high when I land
Don’t make your fellow wrongdoers familiar..
Cause shit, the same nigga that kill witcha’ll kill ya
We all lose it once, shit stop the violence
Cause we all come from one big drop

This Tribe shit is life changin
I’m tryna make some shit for the burbs
Without some city niggas trippin like “That shit for the birds”

I hit licks then dip we
Speedin down Dixie
It’s real, fuck the shit that you heard..

[Hook: Chance The Rapper]
It’s like fuck it, since most of our daddies done moved away
I been livin kinda grimy, just getting me through the day

Like checking yourself for leaks, when you’re trying to hit a stain
There’s only so much you can save and only so much you can take, Aww
Fuck it.. Since most of our daddies done moved away
I been livin kinda grimy, just getting me through the day
Like looking over your parents, they tearing up through the wake
There’s only so much you can save, and only so much you can take, aww

[Verse 2]
I heard my old shit was dull, touched with elegance
Stepped into my closet and skullfucked the skeletons

As well as what’s been goin around
New fans, say that Kembe X BEEN goin to town

For shoe fans, come walk a mile inside my Varsity Blues

My new dance is ‘the clown’….. CLOWNIN yo goof ass
Move slick, move fast
Sneak just so they can’t see me
My green is Cabrini
My project should shoot past

We fuckin these tracks, the instrumentals got loose ass
My rearview show the ruins of them goofies I blew past
Must be maturation, movin up to a new class
Where doobies get blew fast
New work, new cash

I ain’t sayin I got hate to harbor
I’m just here for what you owe me, and I hate to barter

Bitches nowadays is ungreatful
They love you then they hate you
Time to clean the slate nigga


[Outro: Genesis]
“My mans Kembe said he’d like to make a shout out to..
The Village
Ambition Chicago
All his listeners…
Oh yeah, and everyone he’s spoken to in the last month.. he fucks with you *laugh*”

[Kembe X]
“Self Rule”

Kembe X Give And Take Lyrics

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