I’m Boosed Lyrics

Kembe X – I’m Boosed Lyrics

[Verse 1]
These niggas think we stupid
I seen it with my own eyes
I heard it with my won ears
Niggas believe they own lies
Keep tryna say they on shit
But ain’t been shit they whole lives
Then wanna think they owed shit
Like lil nigga you so blind
I know I’m no saint but um
I see success, never shit I wanna take from um
Another nigga trying to get up out the gate from the
Precipitation to the paper as I pray for the
Malicious nature of the game just to cut me slack
Made it out the basement, niggas trying to shove me back
Cold blood on the hands, showed love to the fans
Grown up from demands that they love me back
Deaf to the threats of a tyrant
And you can see it in my eyes
I see through you, and I see through lies
And I feed you youth, cause you niggas need to wisen
Armageddon’s over the horizon
And all that’s left is to notice that it’s time so turn up
They minds is burnt up
The signs have turned up
THe times have turned, fuck
I’m not concerned bruh

These niggas say so, so they go
I be like they broke, what the fuck do they know x2
And I be like
Fuck the bullshit I’m boosed, Uh x8

[Verse 2]
And in the driver’s seat it gets tricky
Watch your blindside, niggas snakin
It’s sticky, they see you get breaks
Niggas hatin
Escape from the truth, bullshit in the rearview
They hear you but all you hear is satan
Tryna get this paper but all you hear is patience
But fuck that
Get lapped if you lackin, I’m laughin
Cause ain’t no nigga finna keep they spot
Long as Lil Loose over here rappin
I’m like goddammit
That’s one tough team of mine
I’m on the grind, tryna keep The Village dream alive
I’m fucked up, stuck
Wonder if our scenes aligned
The way the jewelry dancing on my neck it seems alive
He spittin crack on the track, have you seen him live
Well aw shit, better cop them tickets nigga
You drool over bitch that I pull over twitter
Suggest that you cop them digits nigga
Indigo child, beam light on the masses
A nigga go wild, seems like I’ve surpassed this
Place of some hope with a fate diagnosis
Afraid I’ll cope in a coupe, sitting last then
Wonder who can battle in a booth with a Caston
And ain’t no nigga bout that shit boy
I will never ease up
Tell these niggas V’s up
Triple 7s in me til I’m in a casket boy

V’s up, who you gon ride with
I see the opposition over there silent
Born with the squad and that’s who I’m gon die with
Like send it up with them niggas get violent

These niggas say so, so they go
I be like they broke, what the fuck do they know x2
And I be like
Fuck the bullshit I’m boosed, Uh x8

[Outro – Guitar Solo]
And I be like
Fuck the bullshit I’m Booseded nigga
You fold for bullshit not Loosie nigga
You heard 10 hoes
Figured “Aw, Kem folded”
Like shut the fuck up, you stupid nigga
Dollar signs in my crystal… ball
They like “nigga how’d you get so… raw?”
I’m like “nigga how’d you get so…”

Kembe X I’m Boosed Lyrics

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