Loose Lyrics

Kembe X – Loose Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Raised with a turned back and a clenched fist
One of which almost sent me to the dentist
Found a mind of mine at the time he resent this
Boy don’t tweak or it’s drama up in this bitch
Put him on the hit list
Never showed up with the bands
Went broke and turned up with a plan
Like “Give me six months, and we all gon stunt, I swear!”
Bullshit, but he never will admit this
See my nigga Loose
got problems
He angry, he stressed
Tryna get some sympathy out of us
He stayed
See, we blessed
But the trouble was that he hates my moms
So he ain’t got time to embrace his family

He saw when I was down and ignored my problems
Just yelled real loud, tryna make this manly

Sick of the absence, sicker of the rations
Take a pull of that shit G
Remember I was six with a passion, wonder where his ass is
Why the fuck you asking me
Cried every night praying that he’d come back one day
Cried tears that I’ll never retrieve
But boy was I wrong, so wrong
First time I felt stress and regrets that you’ll never believe

Dada, Dada, Da-Dada
Dada, Da-Dada
Dada, Dada, Da-Dada (MY NIGGA LOOSE!) x2
Please, no
Please don’t, please don’t
Please! Go!
Please go, please go

[Verse 2]
Little boy, getting sick of toys
Finna fill the void
Been annoyed with his little ploys
When in Illinois
Copping bang wouldn’t be advised by doctors
I’ve gone insane tryna realign my chakras
Voices in my head every night, mocking me
“You a real nigga, oh is that right?”
Follow me
Try to steer clear of your dad’s spite
Before you get caught looking like a deer in headlights
See my nigga Loose been caked
Moved crack in the days, mad paid but that never did fix shit
Now he got bread, so that mean he got time
Too much
Not long before he sees that he’s addicted
Guess it’s perfect timing that he would have a child
After rehab
Dipped way before he’d ever get shit
And this whole time, I mean up until now
Had me thinking he was out
Doing work or was missing

I know who you are
At least I think
You’re out at work and make time for me
I’ve buried my scar
Beneath my grief
And since you’ve returned, you’ve just lied to me

Dada, Dada, Da-Dada
Dada, Da-Dada
Dada, Dada, Da-Dada (MY NIGGA LOOSE!) x2
Please, no
Please don’t, please don’t
Please! Go!
Please go, please go

Kembe X Loose Lyrics

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