Soundtrack II Armageddon Lyrics

Kembe X – Soundtrack II Armageddon Lyrics

Hear the ruckus up in heaven
Weapons preparing for your presence
Yeah, Soundtrack II Armageddon
Some see it as a blessing
Burdened with the curse of a million dollar dream you had deemed to be precious
Middle of a dream, heard I’d
Activate my Third Eye
Cold world when you feel you got a message
Look up in the sky, full moon never dies
Nigga never minimized, but I take it as a lesson

It’s ruckus up in heaven
Weapons appearing for your presence
Yeah, Soundtrack to Armageddon (4x)

They busting through your doors with them AKs
Handguns, Tecs, what you doing with them melees

Randomest exes is calling you with babies
You plan for the best, dear God come and save me
What you ran from in Texas is what you now chase
The salt that you dealt is the shit you now taste
And the future that you dread is the shit you now face
In a circle full of goons, still be feeling out of place
Filling out papers and pamphlets of job descriptions
Hate from your mans, that’s an odd prescription
Take from the hand they dealt you, cause the man that felt you
Works hard at an awkward distance
Niggas scoff, but listen
We’re blowing in the wind, heard all this was coming to an end
Fist in the sky with my dogs and my kin
Vision of a schizophrenic, heard it all from a friend


[Verse 2]
You a lick and a stain
A simp and a lame
Got a limp and a cane
Like a pimp in the rain
From the PENT through the flames
The COST of it all
HOLLOW tips hit his ribs as he fall
Through the hole in the earth, in the brains
Of the governers that’s running us
All to a pit full of pain
When life gets hard, devils might get tall in the dark
All who have sinned full of shame
Shit hits the fan
You hit the fanny
You get some fans
You hit the Grammy’s
You get the Benz? Oh it’s your Granny’s?
It gets you friends?
It killed your family?
Oh it depends? Depends on what lil nigga
Look up, man your plans all fucked lil nigga
Hold up, put it all on luck
Feel bigger with the cash so that’s all y’all trust lil

It’s ruckus up in heaven
Weapons appearing for your presence
Yeah, Soundtrack to Armageddon (4x)

[Verse 3]
Oh you sing and you rap at the same damn time and the broads all love it?
You believe it can happen, but ain’t got time to hear all y’all fussin

Oh you decent
It change with the season
A death come and go
So you save your bereavements
You stressed on the low
Cause they hate for a reason
It takes one to know one

I guess what I mean is
It’s all in your head, well ain’t it?
I pray it is
Terrified shit’ll end like they say it is

Look inside, the remains of my pride
Glow bright, sun-like
So I take for the keeping
Hate for the reaper to come so soon
Never seen 18 how is one so doomed
Vibe with my moms, feel it from your womb
Getting signs from the gods, spell it on your tomb

It’s ruckus up in heaven
Weapons appearing for your presence
Yeah, Soundtrack to Armageddon (4x)

Kembe X Soundtrack II Armageddon Lyrics

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