Visions Lyrics

Kembe X – Visions Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Damn, niggas tryna stick my for my paper
They can’t though
Never unprepared for a snake
See my bank is lookin just a little less than swoll
I’m feelin sick, I guess that’s just the way depression goes
Shorties gimme lip, these bitches give me dirty hugs
Mabry got the whip, and we blow it by the thirty nug
My brother Spliff is sayin all the shit I’m ponderin
Lost my mind, but I feel God’s still tryna test my tolerance
Ya arms too short to box my conscience
Too wise in the booth, niggas droppin knowledge
You fuckin with my city? Nigga stop the nonsense
Hella crime on the nine; nigga stop the violence
Fuckin with the team get ya spot demolished
Bow down in respect when you spot your highness
You’re blind if you don’t see the prophet in me
Even paralysed motherfuckers rockin with me

[Hook x8]
“Visions of the world being mine”

[Verse 2]
Off the lean
I’m crusin at a humble speed
Rollin green, then we blow it like a tumble weed
Pops used to be the only one to come to
He said run with your dreams, and just promise not to fumble
Life is love son, tell all them hatin niggas “Fuck you”
Cause when it’s said and done, you do what the fuck you want to
Everything is crucial if negatives seduce you
These bitches on my jewels isn’t never shit I’m used to
My new schedule is stocked with shows
Money, clothes, silly hoes? I got lots of those
Real niggas on my side? Got a tribe of those
To reach my goals, and avoid all them obstacles
I got a vision
Livin in a prism
Where the homies sent to heaven
And the hoes get sent to prison
New track and all the fans say it’s a favorite ‘fore they listen
Niggas tryna change they ways, they think the savior has arisen
But it’s just

[Hook x8]
“Visions of the world being mine”

[Verse 3]
I got a vision of a globe that’s restin in my sole possession
Such exposure, make TV seem like a measley Oprah weapon
Provide the guidance for the people lost with no protection
You test me, got my niggas headed off in yo direction
Homie this is bullshit, I’m contemplatin quittin
They makin out my life to seem like everything it isn’t
These bitches say they love me, lose the feeling in an instant
Then when I act like I’m hurt they got the nerve to say I’m trippin
Who’s the best ain’t just a question, niggas testin my resistence
Ain’t projected my success so now they testin my ballistics
My mindset always definite, I never play with ifs and
I’m hungry for they money, and I’m deaf to they statistics
I’m like a new brand of cool to these niggas
They hungry for the truth, and I’m like food to these niggas
So now I spend my spare time schoolin these niggas
And I wrote this fuckin book, ain’t no foolin’ me nigga

Kembe X Visions Lyrics

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