You The Boss Lyrics

Rick Ross – You The Boss Lyrics

(Ft. Nicki Minaj)

[Rick Ross – Intro]
In a world of so many, baby girl, you are that one
I deserve that, I deserve you

[Nicki Minaj – Hook]
I’ll do anything that you say
Anything cause you the boss
You the boss, you you you the boss man
You the boss, you you you the boss man
You the boss, you you you the boss man
You the boss, you you you the boss man
You you you the boss, You you you the boss
You the boss, you you you the boss man
You the boss, you you you the boss man

[Rick Ross – Verse 1]
Rozay a born stunna, I could blow money
50 when I’m shopping, that ain’t no money
I got my jeans saggin’, money stuffed in ‘em
I got 40 whips, way too much in ‘em
I need me a queen, I need me a dime
Living this fast life: just show me a sign
I’m a G, Im-Im-Im-I’m a G, took her from the lame
Put her on that condo on that beach
All she needs, a-a-a-a-all she needs
Is a boss on my level who provides her every need
All I fiend is a queen in my presence
I can hold until I die a couple G’s in my bezel
I’m a boss

[Nicki Minaj – Hook]

[Rick Ross – Verse 2]
Still running the streets cause every day I’m hustling
Double MG went in and the streets is loving it
All this paper coming and my baby touching it
I pin her to the wall, you know this boy be bussin’ it
Fur coats in the winter, look like a polar bear
Stunting in the snow, these haters they can go somewhere
Indoor pool, outdoor pool, indoor court, tuggin’ Ray Jay moves
Seven Rolls Royces, pink slips like a boss
Champagne on her body, time to lick it off
Me and baby girl a winning combination
Ownership is my conversation
I’m a boss

[Nicki Minaj – Hook]

(Talk to me)
Oh I’ll watch, you play
(What you saying baby?)
And I’ll do whatever you say
I’ll watch you play
And I’ll do whatever you say

[Nicki Minaj – Hook]

[Nicki Minaj – Outro]
You could take it any way you want to
Daddy I promise that I’ll never disappoint you
Just watch how I make it my motherf-ckin point to
Get a raise, get a raise

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