For The Good Times Lyrics

Snoop Dogg – For The Good Times Lyrics

(Ft. Hustle Boys)

My models form Chicago got me …
In the club they can .. XO bottles
All the night for the good times
That’s the model
After that the hole … don’t follow
Excellence …pure desire
My girls shaped like the bottle
I’m turned up
I’m waking up late tomorrow
Off the land she know I’m staying off the bottle
No … brandy, I need my XO…
.. love ain’t feeling a burn in my chest
I the club popping bottles
Good stuff zip don’t swallow
For the good times..
XO brandy

For the good times
I’d like to take that day
For the good times
I’d like to take that day

When you are down and out
And you wanna get right
You need a little brandy in your right
Get your glass and hold up tight
And get some ice, now you’re doing all right
Here’s a toast to the bogies so grab your glass and roll with the dog
We’re gonna bounce than ball
We are all in the club zipping drama
Lady excellence what’s up love mama
It’s lady the sign the lady the rear
She’s hot like fire get a .. to this
Get at me dog
You know it ain’t what it is
Me and the Hustle boys are getting it in
Pour a little liquor for my home boy …
Put down for the PG if you wanna be down with the …
No more penny
No more Remy
No more Jenny
It’s just me and landy
For the good times
.. no rhymes
I want the .. put the happy dog on the …

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