90 Lyrics

Timbaland – 90 Lyrics

(Ft. Sincere)

No rainbow
Speak drug flow
Just a while ago
No color though
See og started od
When ot cut the oz
Can’t understand .. I need ..
Lately I am crazy drug betrayed me
Drug .. me back in the days
No purple hays … f-ck what it cause
You pay the flows smoke till I cough
Can’t turn it off gas me
Now I am coughing .. lay in the cuffing

My name is 90
See me and they just think of me
I am 90

Second verse see me in a curse
.. all cause I am thirst
I don’t know to go out like that
I can’t go out like that
Who introduce me who
Some groupie .. smoke that ..
I don’t give a f-ck tell my .. to shut the f-ck out
.. I ain’t even sober .. was20 20
Who are you cause i am gonna have fun today

My name is 90
See me and they just think of me
I am 90

I ain’t trying to rip you
Pass the …
I am feeling brand new
Pass that .. pass that smoke that blows your ego
.. window watch the .. flow enough window …
Smell like trees … I disagree need more weed
Need to come clean .. I have been .. since 15
.. keep my eyes red .. I got cancer

My name is 90
See me and they just think of me
I am 90

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