Root Of All Evil Lyrics

Trey Songz – Root Of All Evil Lyrics

Trey Songz Root Of All Evil Lyrics

‘Bout this money I’m a teach you
For them currency notes, apparently most say fuck what’s legal
Fuck most people for the root of all evil
It don’t matter, blood splatters over matters all fecal
Chit chatter saved a nigga bitch
Bet another nigga gets
At her and his body parts scattered
Young nigga did it for a sum
Unfittin, take her soul off earth, put the body back in it
Pistol pack in it cause you know they jack-in it
The hood’s all good as long as it’s crack in it
Foul play’s understood as long as it’s stacks in it
The government is lovin it long as there’s tax in it
And the trap’s still a trap as long as we trapped in it
Paper ambiance, we all wanna bask in it
Spinnin every second, tryin to get it til the last minute
Many think if you ain’t got it you ain’t living
And nowadays you ain’t ballin, she ain’t willing
Cause if she broke as these other hoes, she can’t kill ‘em
And you ain’t been in her shoes, she say you can’t feel em
If you ain’t got it then cool is what you ain’t feeling
You get a lot, then you probably receive the hate feeling
Young and ghetto they probably dreaming of weight dealin’
Inherit wealth, and we probably thinkin they straight chilling
Shit they got problems but problems, we can’t relate with them
Dinner party enormous they probably ate millions
They say fuck ya N-O, fix up they face millions
I say fuck how you feel cause money change feelings
Now they look at you strange, it ain’t the same feeling
They acting like you forgot from which you done came feeling
Like you work that hard to stay the same nigga
Like you play pro ball to make the same figures
And even though they say they about to bring him down
See he always be around the same niggas just so other niggas
Say “you never changed nigga”
Accountants warned you, still it remained an issue
Entourage large, everybody came with you
You responsible for everybody that came with you
Shit you lose it all, a few gone remain with you
Hey get that money but don’t let that money get you
Aye, get that money but don’t let that money get you
How bout that oil and that war money is sick too (true)
Fuck rap, that’s money I need to get to
This is how I’m living, it’s something you need to stick too
Hate to let it go when you never let it miss you
Plus it compliments you
I’m acting like it grow on trees
And if it did, muhfucka, I’d go rake leaves
But contrarily, the shit is at the roots is
Probly the same trees they used to hang nooses
True shit, ruthless
Butta bread roofless, see my head
Money waitin’ on Scottie when he come up out the feds
Money a bad bitch, she ain’t scared
While we outchea, say the hustlas prayer
If the game shakes me, it breaks me
I hope it makes me a better man
You know the rest, yeah
The world don’t move without it
I get it, I got it, I need more of it
You like it, I love it
Money talks
Paper discussion
What’s up?

Trey Songz Root Of All Evil Lyrics

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