Watch Me Go Lyrics

XV – Watch Me Go Lyrics

The say “Vizzy, we just want to see you go in”
Just Go In

Now watch me go
I Will, Thank you

[XV – Verse 1]
On ya mark, get ready, set
Always right I never left
Exhales, exiting hill, thank God for every breathe
Shaking the devil wearing a cherry dress
Staying sincere as Nas on his belly shit
Yes, now watch me go

Can we get higher, probably, it’s not a thing
N-gga’s still talking ’bout Dollars, Obama just wanted change
Decided you want that fire that go straight to your vein
Or do you want that Waka Flocka Flame?

(Now watch me go)

No one dissin’, I’m fine with co-existing
My lines is so intensive, my grind’s like toting pistons
From outta these bars, I shine like Sonny Liston
Now are you listening, good

(Then Watch me go)

I’m so un-Christian, but n-ggas at home is dissin’
Feeling drunk off of power, I’m bringing back prohibition
N-ggas is loading pistols, to bring it to where I’m living
I promised y’all I would win it

(Now watch me go)

Showing it off, knowing I’m raw, oh my voice throwin’ you off?
Well how about I shout it from the same cliff I’m throwin you off?
Ahh, you on my balls, you should hold em, I’ll cough

(Now watch me go)

Still a D list, but at least on V list
of emcee’s you cannot compete with got a buzz
Now all a sudden, these honey’s that I could never be with
All hopping on XV dick

(Now watch me go)

You get shelved while movers is moving dressers
To my new house, where my old one? psshhh, I gave them my successor
And them girls wanna come through so I’m deciding who’s better
Cause they hard to deal with like playing cards glued together

(Watch me go)
With the flow and it’s always getting better
Call me Guinness book murderer, I’m killing every record
Ya’ll got half-assed class
You just semesters, bring your hoe, they chasing birds
Call yo ass Sylvester

(Watch me go)
The elephant in the room gave me thick skin
Wouldn’t heard of who when the labels just pitched in
Who woulda thought, that the way that I clinch ?
Would have me falling in love with ?

(Now watch me go)

‘O11 dropping blow up records
Tour bussin’ with ? smoking with ?
Had so many L’s thought we was going ‘O11
Now I gotta do a show in a second
(Hold up, now watch me go)
Reaching the final level, my body glow
First it was my hands, then it was my soul
A lot of people loved it, but those that don’t know how a Kansas boy flow
(oh, watch me go)
Yeh, yeh, watch me go
Now watch me go!

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